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DISTANCE Sound Therapy session


*Special offer until the end of 2020


80 (90min+ session)

Distance is no obstacle for this kind of sound / energy work!

Viber, WhatsApp, FB messenger, Skype, Zoom


* Video "How do distance sessions work?"


* Please consider booking an online consultation before your very first appointment  (scroll down for details) 

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In-person Sound Therapy Session


Kifisia studio (Northern Athens)

155 (120 min session)

Tune up your body, your energy and your life! 

Experience the Power of Sound Therapy (Biofield Tuning), customised to your needs and goals, with live sessions in a beautiful studio in peaceful green Northern Athens!

*Please consider booking a consultation before your very first appointment (scroll down for details) 


3-session package:  350€ (recommended)

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(prior to first private session)



If you haven't experienced sound therapy / Biofield Tuning before, I'd suggest you book an online consultation before your very first appointment. 

This is an opportunity for us to meet and have a private conversation.

You will be able to ask ALL of your questions

about the sessions and Biofield Tuning as a sound therapy modality,

to learn more about your amazing energy field,

and of course, to discuss your personal goals and intentions for the sessions.


Harmonizing SOUND BATH


Various locations (Athens)

30 (90 min)

Experience a magical Sound Bath!

The healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong and other Unique sound therapy instruments will help you harmonize on a physical, emotional and mental levels.


SOUND also empowers your personal INTENTION. 

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